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Capture your share of the niche probate market by getting a fresh, updated list of recent probate filings in the counties you service. With an aging baby boomer population, literally trillions of dollars will be transferred from one generation to the next.

We help investors and REALTORS capture their share of this niche market by compiling a list of probate filings in your area.

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Real Estate Lead Generation Companies - Probate Leads

Stop searching for real estate lead generation companies and start paddling your own canoe. Unlike other real estate lead generation companies, we set up a platform for you to succeed and teach you how to fish. Paddle your own canoe.


Motivated Seller Leads - Probate Leads

Writing a blog post or page optimized for select key terms, then posting it on social media is a great strategy. We practice what we preach! With scarce inventory, finding motivated seller leads has vexed many agents. Our probate data gets you in front of motivated seller leads eager to sell.


Real Estate Leads - Find Motivated Seller Leads

We also do SEO for agents and investors. Here's a post we did ourselves to optimize for "real estate leads"... Find real estate leads get your message out to motivated sellers. Executors & Administrators are excellent real estate leads since they want to liquidate.

[10/13/15]   Check out the latest website we designed. 09/10/2015

The Probate Buzz | Probate Leads | Probate Marketing

Do you want to get more probate deals? Start here. 04/24/2015

Home » Trusted Probate

We recently designed, a site that builds trust and rapport with executors tasked with liquidating their probated property. Take a look... Probate doesn't have be a nightmare. Especially when you can appoint our firm to help liquidate remaining real estate assets. 04/24/2015

TGB Homes | Sell Your Los Angeles Probate Property

TGB Homes was looking to capture their share of the niche probate market. They turned to us to design a site which augmented this effort: We know firsthand it is never easy losing someone we hold dear, and we offer our condolences. Many people find that the challenges of settling their loved ones' estate is among life's most difficult responsibilities, and this is where we may be able to help. Managing the details of a probate, conser… 04/24/2015

Florida Probate Group | Sell Your Florida Probate Property

We designed a site that establishes Florida Probate Group as an expert in probated properties. Take a look. Dealing with insurance companies, locating and reading the will, and coming up with a fair process are a few of the draining but necessary things to handle. Add in money, assets, investments, and contentious family members, and it is no wonder that many families are overwhelmed by this life event. L… 04/24/2015

Florida Life Homes | Sell your house in any condition.

Check out the new site we created for FL Life Homes:


Mario Cuomo's 1984 Convention Speech

Whatever views you subscribe to, Mario Cuomo's words were heartfelt. More than an opportunistic politician, he had a purpose, a champion of ideals that he embodied, and himself rising from meager means, a great ambassador to the American story of progress.

One of the best rhetorical performances ever given, at a time when people didn't want to hear it. 11/02/2014

Difference Between So Called Leads and Data | Probate Leads | Probate Marketing Lists

"Leads" and data are two separate creatures, like a diamond and a lollipop ring. Lead providers do the work for you, while a data provider gives you the building blocks to incubate your own leads. More on this distinction: Difference Between So Called Leads and Data If you’ve been in the real estate business some time, we probably don’t need to tell you that a lot of money has been thrown away on “bad leads”. We are a data provider, not a leads provider, and this is more than a subtle difference. While a leads provide… 11/02/2014

Is Working Probate Leads Ambulance Chasing? | Probate Leads | Probate Marketing Lists

Is working probates "ambulance chasing"? We think not, because a compassionate real estate professional can add genuine value in helping families settle the estate and move on to build a new chapter in their lives. Discussed on our latest blog post: Is Working Probate Leads Ambulance Chasing? Astute investors and agents understand the value of marketing to a list of probated properties. For other real estate professionals, it’s not uncommon that they enter this space with trepidation, fearing they will come across as an ambulance chaser. Inevit… 11/02/2014

Just How Many Baby Boomers Are There?

Literally trillions of dollars (with a T) will be transferred from one generation to the next with an aging baby boomer population. But exactly how many boomers are there? Just How Many Baby Boomers Are There? Kelvin Pollard and Paola Scommegna Facebook Share Share Tweet This Share Email Print (April 2014) Data from the U.S. Census Bureau show that there are 76.4 million baby boomers. There were actually a total of 76 million births in the United States from 1946 to 1… 10/30/2014

Google's data play to go head-to-head with Realtors

Google is now predicting home sales, going head to head with REALTORS??! Through its investment in, Google will be able to forecast home sales for the month ahead. 10/30/2014

Probate Leads | Probate Marketing Lists | Helping real estate professionals capture their share...

Introducing to our family of websites, dedicated to helping real estate professionals capture their share of the niche probate market. 10/08/2014

Real Estate Buyer Leads | Conexus Direct

Seeking first time home purchase leads? Reach out to credit-worthy renters that are most qualified to realize the American dream of home ownership. Real Estate Buyer Leads Finding real estate buyer leads is seamless by targeting renters with excellent credit. Armed with our suite of renter leads, you can help these consumers realize the American dream of home ownership. Some interesting factoids: 47% of all home purchases are from first-time bu… 10/08/2014

For Sale By Owner FSBO Leads | Conexus Direct

Reach out to FSBO's and give disgruntled homeowners a more positive experience: For Sale By Owner FSBO Leads FSBO leads have a distinct advantage over the bulk of buyer leads. They have made an affirmative decision to sell and do not have to be convinced into the market. They want to sell the property RIGHT NOW. These homeowners are not under contract, not beholden to any othe… 10/08/2014

Absentee Owner Leads List | Conexus Direct

Do you target absentee owners or would like to?
If so, it's obligatory to visit this page! Absentee Owner Leads List Absentee owners are a receptive group that can be convinced to make a clean break from the house that they don’t occupy. Many times, they are hamstrung with two mortgage bills. Property management issues can be a thorn in their side, and in the worse case scenario, the pr…


Sneak preview of our new site,, which has every imaginable list on the planet.


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Timeline Photos 08/16/2014

Contacting probate attorneys

Should you reach out to the attorney that is involved in a probated property? We took this question on in our latest blog post: Contacting probate attorneys Posted on August 16, 2014Leave a CommentIn many locales, the attorney’s contact information is contained in our list of probated properties. It raises the question of whether you as a real estate agent or investor should make contact with the attorney involved in the est…


Hot off the press - download our complimentary eBook on Marketing To Probated Properties. View the pdf file here: 08/03/2014

Are You a Real Estate Professional Or a Problem Solver?

Are you a real estate professional, or are you a problem solver? This provocative question is posed in our latest blog post. Are You a Real Estate Professional Or a Problem Solver? Posted on August 3, 2014Leave a CommentI’m always reminded by the plaque on my wall that says, “We are compensated only to the extent that we add value to the other people”. Simple but instructive. The human element should not escape real estat… 08/03/2014

The Timing Of Probates

How long does it take to work the probate process? When is the executor motivated to sell the property in the estate? These timing dynamics taken on in our latest blog post... The Timing Of Probates Posted on August 3, 2014Leave a CommentOne of the most often asked line of questions we field as a leading compiler of probate data is related to timing. “How long do they take to close?”… “When does the executor want to sell the property”, etc.Before we address these question… 08/03/2014

Probate Investing 101

Read our featured blog on REI Club with an introduction of the probate process: Real Estate Blog For Real Estate Investment 07/25/2014

Probate Leads Versus Inheritance Lists

There are several inexpensive inheritance lists on the market, but what's the difference between these lists and probates? This distinction is explained our on our blog post; Probate Leads Versus Inheritance Lists Posted on May 24, 2014Leave a CommentIn this post, we wanted to distinguish probate leads from other types of lists that are similar to probate leads, but not the same product. Diamonds and cubic zirconium may look the same, but there’s a vast difference in wor… 07/25/2014

Personal Representative/Executor Defined

The Personal Representative is the decision maker assigned by the Probate Court to divvy up the estate. More on the PR's role in this blog post: Personal Representative/Executor Defined Posted on June 25, 2014Leave a CommentWhat does the Personal Representative, i.e., PR, Administrator or Executor responsible for? Bottom line, all you need to know as an investor is the court has awarded the PR absolute authority to sell the house. Your job i… 07/25/2014

Probates 101

New to probates? We put together an overview here: Probates 101 Posted on June 25, 2014Leave a CommentProbate is the court process to obtain the legal authority to act on behalf of the estate of a person who has died (Decedent). The estate is distributed according to: the decendent’s will or if the decendent did not have a will, according to laws of…


Probate Letter Sample | Probate Marketing Blog

Sample probate letter to send to the executor of an estate to persuade them to sell their home: Probate Letter SampleMay 24, 2014adminLeave a commentBelow, you’ll find a sample probate letter that you can initially send to the executor of the estate, to persuade them to sell the property. This letter is courtesy of investor Sharon Vornholt. In subsequent mailings, Sharon does refrain from offe… 05/21/2014

Probate Leads | Probate Marketing Lists

Introducing our new website, Find motivated executors that need to cash out to pay taxes and other estate-related expenses, and divvy up the proceeds of an estate to the heirs. Our specialty is in pairing REALTORS® and investors with executors that have the authority to sell real property in their estate. More often than not, these executors do not want to play landlord, pay for repairs or upgrades, and otherwise do not want to be involved in the property.

[05/09/14]   Probate leads are now available! Find recent probate filings and reach out to the executor of the estate. These motivated sellers are looking to pay for estate-related expenses, cash out and move on to build a new chapter in their life.


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Absentee Owner Leads | Marketing To Absentee Owner Lists

Find absentee owners that are dealing with rental or property management issues and get them to sell their home. More info at Abseentee owners are lucrative but often overlooked prospects for selling their home. They are either saddled with two mortgages or burdened with rental or property management issues they want to get off their back. Worse yet, the property may be vacant. Absentee owner leads can also expose homes ow…

[04/27/14]   Did you know we can generate a targeted list of absentee owners? The most successful selects are out-of-state absentee owners that own their home outright. Call 866-490-3459 for details.




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